A Look at Effective Exercises

Have a glimpse at the online gallery of IshiFit. You'll see the various exercises that I have my clients in Seattle, Washington perform. From Compound muscle movements like deadlifts, and squats, and Turkish Get ups to basics planks, and TRX movements, I can show you how to move safely and efficiently,  towards whatever goal you have . More Info on programming below.

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Linear​/Movement Training

Programs are based on an integrative 4 Quadrant (4Q) program design method from the Institute of Motion. The 4Q details the 4 major types of movement, and the benefits of each style. With distinct benefits in each quadrant, you can really see the need for a program that addresses movement from each quadrant. Training just the one way is not enough to create a balanced and healthy body. Injuries occur most often in those who are missing variety in their training.

 Are you spending enough time in each quadrant?

I've found that most often people only trained in the one or two quadrants where they feel familiar and neglect the others.

To get the most out of yourself, and you're fitness program you'll need to expand you're workouts and understanding!