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My name's Keegan Thorpe.

I'm a Personal Trainer certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine.

My journey to Fitness coaching started after falling out of shape while injured working in construction. After being sick and tired of being sick and tired I joined a gym on a 90 day package got in shape, and was really mad at myself for not doing it sooner. It's fun to me to be ready for life and whatever's in store, and I like reliving that through other people. It's challenging but worth it.

I specialize in Strength Training, Weight Management. I'm a TRX Core certified instructor as well as a SAQ(Speed Agility Quickness) specialist, and I'm currently working on a Corrective Exercise Specialization.

I train athletes, couch potatoes, kids, people recovering from injuries, and more.

Personal Training

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Four Session

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Gain access to a mobile application that stores/tracks workouts that:

- Track's you're workouts as you train

- With a food log feature, you can also keep track of diets

- The news feed feature allows both clients and trainers to leave feedback

- The chat feature allows clients to have their questions answered by you in real-time

- A database of exercises with videos provides the necessary instructions for clients to workout on their own

This package is available to any client once completing four one on one,partner training or small group(3-5 people) classes. This cost efficient package has more of an emphasis on programming.

The two packages above can be combined into a starter package that would include:

One free fitness assessment including a breakdown of your TDEE, and caloric content adjustment (suggested).

Four One on One personal training sessions.

Access to the mobile app for tracking goals,workouts,and progress,( you can continue access afterwards for free on your own, or get workouts tailored to you and access feedback from a personal trainer if you use a minimum of two sessions per month).

On-going periodic personal assessments tests to measure your progress customized to you. A two month "Great Start “Package would range from $280.50 to $$382.50 depending on the duration(30, 45, or 60 min) of the sessions

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Michael Palmer

I've been working out with Keegan for about 15 months. Between working with him and a dietitian I've dropped from 219 pounds to 184 pounds. I've also cut my fitness assessment time almost in half. He also is very good about working around injuries I've had and building those areas back up.


Started training with Keegan an year ago. My main goal was to become fit by reducing my body fat percentage. Keegan has helped me lose 15 kgs and my body fat % is at 13% right now. All his sessions are fun and he is a great motivator. I would definitely recommend Keegan as a personal trainer.


I started training with Keegan in order to minimize injury when I jog. I honestly was pretty skeptical because historically I hadn't meshed well with trainers and definitely did not think I had time to do more than my 2-3 jogs per week. After about 4 months of training I feel great! I've increased my distance/endurance and decreased pain. I love the trainer app he uses, where I can log work outs and also see what his other trainees are up to, we can give each other virtual hi-fives and encouragement. Keegan has a way of tailoring my fitness routine where it feels natural, and relevant. The work outs are challenging but enjoyable.. my self-confidence has increased and I have more energy. His understanding of kinesthetic and the way he breaks down movement is precise and motivating. I highly recommend



Each training lackage begins with a comprehensive fitness consultation to identify your specific needs, and create an efficient plan.

Customized Planning

Each client has access to a mobile based app that is used to plan, and track workouts, and of course progress.


Tired of that Overcrowded big box gym, and figuring it out as you go(And paying the whole time) Blending into Cardio Equipment, but not getting enough?
Utilize a Personal Trainer skilled and experienced in getting people results in a variety of environments, and having fun while doing it.


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Personal Training

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$40/Per 30 min.

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$75/Per hour

$45/Per 30 min.

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  • Eight 60 minute sessions per month
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/3-6 People

  • Eight 45 min sessions per month
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